Whether you are looking to

  • gain a mental edge
  • be more self confident
  • develop yourself physically
  • hone your fighting skills
  • form winning habits

FIGHTERMIND offers practical steps to improve the mental and physical aspect of fighting.



Mental strength is not limited to fighting.
It is the representation of our own reality.
Our daily thoughts and lifestyle choices influence who we are
and how we apprach an encounter,
whether it is fight related or life related.

FIGHTERMIND is the number 1 fightstyle blog serving you as a source of knowledge and experience
from an athlete who has broken the chains of negative thinking.

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My name is Attila Korkmaz. Born and raised in Berlin, Germany.
I am a professional fighter competing in Mixed Martial Arts,
while studying Computer Science.

Before I started training MMA,
I had no athleticism, no endurance, no discipline.

Imagine a kid with zero work ethic towards anything.
I didn’t care about soccer, about school or any activity.
And I still don’t care (at least about soccer).

So, what made the difference?

You see children having so much energy,
still not knowing how to channel it towards something useful.

Yet, there is something in all of us,
this little spark, that can evolve into burning desire.

The moment came, I discovered the purest form of combat.
My life became occupied by fighting. Fighting became my obsession.
Everything I did, went into this direction.
Every hour I invested, I invested it in myself.
This lifestyle taught me so many lessons.

With over a decade of martial arts experience,
I want to share my knowledge with you.

Be part of my journey living the fighter lifestyle.

Now it’s your time.
Unlock your inner warrior and be ready to conquer what’s yours!